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About Us

Great Barrier Diving is commonly referred to as the most prestigious diving Charter The Great Barrier Reef has to offer. It offers a Diving Charter with a once in a lifetime experience. A 5 night voyage that explores the remote and pristine waters off the Central Queensland coast  amongst the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Great Barrier Diving Accommodates up to 10 passengers on board its 5-star vessel ‘The Island Girl’ possessing 5-star Accommodation and services for its guests.

The departure terminal for Great Barrier Diving is located in the Gladstone Harbour – Central Queensland – Australia. The voyage sets out to explore the Group of remote reefs known as the Capricorn Group. The Reefs located in this region contain some of the top diving sites in the world including the world renowned Heron and Wistari Reefs. Jacques Cousteau – the world famous undersea explorer – listed The Heron reef Bommie as one of his top ten favourite dive sites in the world. The dive sites visited display stunning coral gardens and sea creatures that are experienced at the travellers  fingertips using only the best of equipment. 

Each voyage has its own unique characteristics as you the passenger gets to decide which reefs the vessel travels to so don’t get too worried about repetitive journeys. As for the crew, well it is made up of 5 friendly members. The skipper, the chef, the diving instructor and the two deckhands. All crew members are trained professionals and are dedicated into making every guests stay memorable.